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“A post-modernist artist synthesized works on offshoot of abstract and symbolist’s threaded color layers fusing street and urban art -way to describe my art process. I always wanted to tell stories about us in the context of time and space; in the days of the sun and in the night of the chilling moon. Art that inspires to create a better place, instil love and respect towards creations.”-Rodney

Davao City-based Universal Visual Artist Rodney P. Yap a painting major alumnus of Ford Academy of The Arts. He is a resident-artist and instructor at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao.

“In 2013,Dusun Magazine in Malaysia included him in “Best in Asian Region” edition. A multi-awarded visual artist with four major plums in The Philippine Art Awards 2007-2012 Mindanao and National winner. He has joined group shows in the region. He has mounted solo shows in Manila, Singapore, Seoul, Poland, Germany, Belgium and Rotterdam. In 2014, his “Days in The Sun” shortlisted in the ArtRaker London. In 2015, he is the representative of the Philipines and featured artist in the Art Plus Expo’15 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and part of the Philippine nine-artists delegation to participate to the X Florence Biennale in Italy. Recently, he is preparing for his upcoming shows at Secret Fresh Gallery and Deutsche Bank Group. He did curating and doing art projects and personally hands on developing concepts for public and urban art.